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You’ve already tried EVERYTHING to lose weight.

Maybe you’ve even had some limited success, losing and gaining those same 20-plus pounds more times than you can count. But no matter how much willpower or discipline you’ve summoned, no strategy has led you to your optimum weight. But here’s the thing: It’s NOT your fault!

That’s because you were using an ineffective 20th century approach to handle a condition for which Progressive Medical Center has developed a 21st century solution. At Progressive Medical Center, we understand that your body’s weight, composition and overall health is affected by multiple factors — all of which are unique to you.

With our scientific approach to weight loss, which employs hormone testing, metabolic testing, genetic testing and a host of other state-of-the-art protocols, we tailor a comprehensive, integrated and medically supervised program that addresses ALL of your health concerns.

Introducing Progressive Medical Center’s Weight Loss eBook!

We’re so certain that our uniquely scientific approach will help you attain your weight-loss goals that we offer a one-of-a-kind guarantee on the program. With Progressive Medical Center you’ve got nothing to lose – except the weight!

Inside our ebook, you’ll learn about Progressive’s cutting-edge methods, including:

  • One-on-One Personal Training: Weekly sessions with our Weight Loss Coach to jump start your workout regiment and teach you the proper technique for getting your life in order

  • Full-body profiling: Testing of your blood, saliva and stool provides a detailed look at how your metabolic system functions.

  • Bio-electrical Impedence Analysis (BIA): A body-composition analysis that measures body fat in relation to lean body mass and the energy produced within your cells.

  • Hormone testing: Will determine if hormonal imbalances are affecting your weight-loss ability.

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The variety of treatments available to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals are both nutritionally and technologically exciting... The supplement store is onsite and convenient and store staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The program coordinator is absolutely a wonderful advocate for your health and well-being.

Terri G

I am beyond thrilled about this program. This program is so comprehensive, I could not have ever contrived of anything so well rounded on my own – let alone ever imagine receiving all of this support in one location.

Elissa B.

I am excited about my vanishing midsection after 6 sessions.

Tanya S.

The staff have all become friends, because the spirit of service along with the spirit of joy comes through in all of those that I have had the pleasure to work with in this weight loss program. It definitely helps to make the process more enjoyable and fun!

Elissa B.

I decided to go into this program for weight loss, yes, but also because I knew that I needed this extra level of support and attention to finally dig in deep and get to the root of some illnesses that I have been addressing for some time. I am blown away by the detailed attention paid to any medical fact that may be a contributing factor to the overall picture of what is going on with me. This is about weight loss... and yet also so much more!

Elissa B.
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